Go into your next interview ready to impress.

Interview confidence doesn't come in a jar ... yet. But acing your next interview shouldn't require a magic salve or cape of invincibility. We'll spare you the pep talk and give you the prep talk you need to exude confidence in any interview.

Face the facts

Are you a sloucher? A scowler? A gawker? Is your default facial expression dazed and confused? Sometimes it's not the things we say that leave a lasting impression on interviewers, but the body language we use that can leave our audience captivated or exasperated.

Working with professional coaches, we've learned so much of this non-verbal communication we do is done unconsciously and it's not until someone calls us out on our scary resting face that we're even aware of the vibes we're putting off. Practicing with a pro can help surface these nervous ticks and put a stop to them before they ruin your interview game.

Know your lines

The trick to feeling prepared for an interview is to be prepared. Even Meryl Streep doesn't wing those heart-wrenching acceptance speeches — the passion is still authentic, but she's already taken stock of her audience, her accomplishments, and the key players well before she sets foot on a stage.

Unlike Meryl, we don't all have a team of PR managers and agents to help us prep for our time in the hot seat. However, practicing with an expert can help you perfect your elevator pitch and answers to common interview questions, so the only thing that will catch you off guard is how awesome you just sounded!

Ditch the sugar-coating

If you read the word feedback and had a visceral reaction, you're among friends. Most of us don't jump for joy at the thought of receiving criticism, no matter how constructive it may be. To soften the blow, we often place the responsibility of delivering feedback on our close friends or family. The truth is, this tactic not only robs you of the truthful, unbiased feedback you deserve, but can cause tension between you and a loved one if you're someone who finds the criticism pill a hard one to swallow.

A trained professional, like one of our experienced interview coaches, has one motive alone when delivering feedback to you: to help you rock your next interview. Our coaches are not just authorities on interviewing techniques, but have decades of experience in the coaching process, which means giving A LOT of feedback. So, fear not the red pen, for we can only learn and grow from it!

See what's #Trending

What do hairstyles, diets, and interview questions all have in common? They all follow trends. While there will always be the classics, you should be sure to familiarize yourself with these in addition to the interview questions or techniques of the moment.

Unless you're a recruiter or HR professional, you probably don't spend much time tracking interviewing trends. Linking up with someone who does, can help ensure you stay on top of current approaches and how you can use them to your advantage.

Have an interview coming up or want a chance to sharpen your skills? Team up with one of our expert interview coaches today!

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