Interview coaching offers a number of job-search benefits, so don't wait.

Job interviews can be uncomfortable, stressful, and intimidating — and rightfully so. It's not like you interview for jobs all the time. Usually, it's something you experience every few years, if that. Therefore, it's natural for you to feel a bit rusty when you walk into your first few interviews after a hiatus. You just need to get back in the groove and regain your confidence. That's where one-on-one online interview coaching can help.

When you connect with an interview coach, you'll participate in a mock interview (or interviews) and receive feedback. The main benefit of interview coaching is obvious: It's a nice practice round to help you reduce your nerves before the real deal. And that's absolutely true — but there are many more perks, as well.

The more unexpected benefits of interview coaching include:

1. Tapping into insider knowledge

Did you know there are job-interview trends? Each year, HR professionals introduce new “must-try interview techniques” and “this year's hottest interview questions.” Therefore, it's difficult to stay on trend when you're not heading out on job interviews each year. That's where an expert interview coach can help; it's their job to keep an eye on the trends so you don't have to.

2. Practicing various types of interviews

Yes, companies make use of various types of interviews, including behavioral, unstructured, and stress interview techniques. Each one is unique in its purpose and strategy.

For example, a stress interview is designed to, well, cause stress. The idea is that the interviewer asks tricky and uncomfortable questions to gauge how you'll react. If you're not prepared for a stress interview, your nerves might get the best of you.

If you're worried about walking into a stress interview — or feel unsure of how to navigate a behavioral or unstructured interview — then let your coach know, and you can practice the types of interviews you need the most preparation in.

3. Receiving honest feedback

Sure, you can sit down with your partner or family member and have them spout off questions from that list of “common interview questions” you found on Google, but do they have hiring experience within your industry? Do they know how to give you proper feedback? Are they even willing to give you an honest critique?

An interview coach is an unbiased third-party expert who'll be able to offer you just that. Plus, your mock interview with a coach will more closely resemble the real thing. After all, it can be difficult to take your mom seriously when she's playing interviewer.

4. Feeling comfortable asking all your “dumb” questions

You know all those questions you've been afraid to ask, like: What should I wear to my interview? How do I answer the salary question? What if they ask me why I'm currently unemployed? Do I explain the gap on my resume? How should I follow-up after the interview?

First off, you shouldn't be afraid to ask these questions because they seem “dumb” or like you should know the answers already. It's good you're worried about these aspects of the interview, and just winging it won't help you in the long run. Simply ask your interview coach for their expert advice.

The truth is, the answer to each of these questions will depend on your unique circumstances, so voice all your questions and concerns to your coach, who'll be able to steer you in the right direction.

5. Understanding why other interviews haven't worked out

Chances are, you've interviewed for jobs in the past and some of them just didn't work out. Then, you were left wondering why. You don't necessarily want to ask the employer, but you're probably still curious about what went wrong.

When you participate in a mock interview, your interview coach will give you immediate feedback, and thus provide insight into your interviewing mistakes. Maybe your nonverbal cues weren't appealing, maybe your answers lacked overall confidence, or maybe you filled your sentences with “uhm” and “like” and you hadn't realized it.

With your coach's help, you'll finally be able to better understand how to improve your interviewing skills and feel more confident walking into your next opportunity — without that lingering “what went wrong?!” question stuck in your head.

6. Using your feedback outside of interviews

The feedback your interview coach provides isn't only good for your job interviews. You'll also be able to use it at networking events, to get through tough meetings, or even in social settings.

For example, an interview coach can help you craft your elevator pitch, that 30-second spiel that lets someone know who you are and what you do. You can use this elevator pitch in your interview, yes, but you can also use it in your cover letter, on your LinkedIn profile, in conversations at networking events, and even in social settings.

Want to not only cure your pre-interview nerves, but also reap the other benefits of interview coaching? Our expert TopInterview coaches can help.

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