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Nick D is a great coach! First he was kind enough to accommodate for our mock interview on a very short notice on a Sunday. The best part of the mock interview was the feedback and suggestions. My confidence levels increased after the interview. Nick was then nice enough to help me negotiate an offer and help navigate me through a personal situation as I received an offer.

Jono J.

Nick D was a pleasure to work with. His review and refinement of my resume, LinkedIn profile, and interviewing skills have given me the confidence to move forward in my job search. I highly recommend TopResume, especially Nick D as a coach. Thank you!


Great coaching! My coach Nick D. only had about a day to research and to work with me before my appointment. He gave very valuable feedback on my answers, facial expressions, tone, etc. He helped me build my confidence. Post-interview, he also provided more info and tips. Highly recommended!

Marlena T.

Results speak for themselves. TopResume assigned Nicole for doing my resume, Maggie for my CV and Nick D. to instruct me and train me to deal with interviews. In the last 3 months, out of 9 applications, I was called for interviews in 8 organizations and received a good offer. I got my ideal job and the guys mentioned above where the ones that put me on the road to success. Nick D. is very generous with his time and knowledge, and he genuinely wants YOU to succeed. Seriously, my professional life changed from dark days to brighter ones. Hooray for this team!

Bill C.

I highly recommend Nick as an interview coach. Nick gives insightful and clear guidance that will give you wings to soar above the competition. He works with you on the fine details, while simultaneously connecting all the dots to give you the big picture on what the interviewer is looking for in the ideal candidate. I am now race ready - confident and excited to interview with success!

Karen B.

I had the best experience ever working with Nick D. He is the best coach! He was very supportive and helped me a lot!! Following the mock interview, I exchanged a couple of email with him, and he was always available to answer my questions and fears! He knows the type of questions you can have in an interview and how to help you promote your skills!! He played a crucial role in getting my dream job!! I highly recommend TopInterview and particularly Nick D.

Elizabeth W.

Nick spent 45 minutes to an hour working with me on the mock interview. His feedback was extremely helpful and I feel so much more confident about the interviewing process now, which itself is priceless. I cannot praise the value of this service and Nick enough. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is in the job market.

Olabisi O.

The interview sessions were very valuable and time well spent. I got constructive feedback on my performance and blind spots. I am better prepared now and looking forward to my next interview.

Cathleen C.

Nick D. gave great feedback in the mock interview and gave me confidence in my interviewing skills. He also gave good suggestions on how I can improve further. Thanks!

Masis N.

Heather C was great. Her encouraging words and feedback helped me mentally prepare for my interview.

Shiva S.

Excellent coaching by Nick D. I had an up-coming real interview, and the preparation session and the mock interview with Nick were very helpful. I received an offer!


I had a great mock interview experience with Nick. His feedback was valuable, and the questions he asked really made me think. He shared HR insights and provided immediate feedback. His report, that came a couple of days later, had great detail. I recommend this experience if it has been a while since your last interview, if you are trying to get into a new field, and/or if you always wondered how you come across.

Luciana S.

I loved my simulation interview with Heather and also the content of her feedback, which was very rich and helpful! This is a great service TopInterview provides and certainly helped me to feel more confident and also to improve in the areas I need.

Jenny D.

Heather is very nice, she issued a report so quickly that saved lots of my time, she provided many valuable suggestions for me as well!

Mark S.

I was honestly blown away by my interview with Nick. I had an impending interview with a company I really wanted to make a great impression with. I sent him copies of a few similar job descriptions and a link to the company I was interviewing with. Rather than simply providing the interview, Nick took the extra effort, digging into the company and setting up as real an interview as possible, giving me the best possible perspective and experience. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting a successful interview. To take best advantage of it, you need to prepare well, and have a well targeted position. TopInterview helps you all the way through the process and the feedback is incredibly valuable.


Heather was very skilled at providing feedback. She gave me a detailed report of my strengths and weaknesses. I was provided techniques to highlight my strengths and how to use my weaknesses as way to improve my knowledge. I would recommend Heather as a coach. She showed passion and excitement for her service.

Cassandra H.

Nick was excellent and really helped me get over my anxiety. He gave me excellent pointers and following everything he gave me made me feel so relaxed. I had my interview Wednesday and was offered a job Friday all thanks to Nick. He is excellent and very knowledgeable.