Beware of this one iPhone feature that could throw your job search for a loop.

Ping! A new iPhone operating system update. Feels like there's one just about every month, right? When that notification hits, do concerns flood your thoughts? What if your phone's layout is more complicated post-update? What if your phone doesn't even turn back on? What if your lock screen photo disappears and you have to find it again!? For better or worse, our phones are a huge part of our daily lives — even the slightest change could cause a headache we'd rather not deal with.

The latest iPhone operating system, iOS 13, is no different, as it comes jam-packed with new features for you to enjoy. You can give your eyes a break and put your phone in Dark Mode, set up shortcuts so you're more productive than ever, and stay on top of your to-do list with a redesigned Reminders app. But there's one feature you should be especially mindful of: Silence Unknown Callers

With the "Silence Unknown Callers" feature turned on, your phone will only ring when people found in your contacts call you. Any unknown number will be instantly sent to voicemail, and the call completely ignored. 

We love this feature for preventing spam calls and wrong numbers. How many times a week do you pick up your phone only to hear a bot on the other end? And trying to get off of those call lists? All but impossible. Being free from spam calls forever would be nice … but wait! If you're actively job interviewing, this feature could cause you to miss important calls from hiring managers, headhunters, and even networking contacts. Take five minutes right now to double-check your iPhone to ensure this feature is turned off. Better safe than sorry.

How to turn "Silence Unknown Callers" on and off

  1. Open the "Settings" application. 

  2. Navigate to the "Phone" menu. 

  3. Slide the toggle for "Silence Unknown Callers" to activate or deactivate the feature. 

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