Hiring an interview coach is just the first step.

Interviewing for jobs can be tricky, stressful, and sometimes outright demoralizing. Luckily, you decided to go ahead and hire an interview coach to help you prepare and deal with any interview anxiety you might have. But finding an interview coach is only the first step. To make your interview-coaching sessions effective (and worth your money), there are a few things you, as the client, need to keep in mind. An interview coach is ultimately your guide; you are the one who needs to put in work to achieve job-search success.

So, what should you do? Here are 10 short tips to help you out:

Understand what interview coaching is exactly

Before you decide to hire an interview coach, make sure that interview coaching is right for you.

Before purchasing, make sure you understand each of the packages offered

TopInterview offers help preparing for unstructured, behavioral, and stress interviews, as well as crafting your elevator pitch.

Decide on what package is best for you

What are you most interested in improving?

Avoid conflicts by putting your interview-coaching sessions in your calendar

You don’t want to overbook yourself.

Make sure you have a quiet room ready for your sessions

Avoiding distraction will make your sessions go more smoothly and effectively.

Take time to figure out what you need from your coach

What do you want your coach to help you with?

Come prepared with specific questions you might have

Make a list of any burning interview questions you have.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your interview weaknesses

The only way your coach can help you is if they know what you need to work on.

Go into your session with an open mind

Don’t keep yourself blocked off from the advice your coach gives you. Instead, take all the lessons you learn and utilize them in your job interview.

Trust that your interview coach is there to help you, not hurt you

Your coach just wants to see you succeed!

Help make your interview-coaching sessions effective by following these tips, and you can expect interview success.

Ready to hire an interview coach? Congrats — here’s how to get started.

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