Just a few small steps can make a big difference.

There are many ways job seekers can prepare for a job interview: You can research the company, practice with friends, and scour the internet for infinite advice and tips. But while these techniques are all convenient, they put a lot of pressure on you, the job seeker, by forcing you to take the helm and steer yourself in (hopefully) the right direction. Fortunately, you have another option when it comes to job-interview preparation; it's convenient as well, but it's also more effective than any of the strategies listed above: working with a professional interview coach.

Interview-coaching services like TopInterview make it easier than ever to connect with expert coaches and set yourself up for success. Gone is the need to search for the best interview coaching services or stress over coordinating busy schedules. Instead, we take on those responsibilities, giving you more time to focus on your job search. Here's how we've simplified the interview-coaching process to help you get to your next job offer faster and more efficiently.

Answer a few questions

Don't worry — you're not being tested. One way to start your work with TopInterview is to take a short online quiz, but it's more like a “Getting to Know You” activity than an SAT exam. In order for us to best prepare you for interview success, we'd like to know a little about your needs and what you're up against, and this quiz is your chance to direct us. Are you actively interviewing? Do you prefer communicating through video call or phone call? How many interview coaching sessions would be most helpful? And most importantly, what specifically are you preparing for — a stress, unstructured or behavior job interview? How about needing to develop an elevator pitch? (If you're not sure, that's fine too.)

After this quick quiz, we'll present you with a personalized interview coaching package that features the curriculum we think is best for you.

Complete your mock interview

Once you sign up with TopInterview, you can book your job interview coaching session — we'll assign you a coach that fits both your schedule and your goals. They'll conduct your mock interview, using it to pinpoint your trouble spots and any areas that can be improved upon. From there, you'll get real-time, personalized feedback on your performance and guidance to improve your interview skills. Whether certain interview questions trip you up, or you haven't yet figured out how to speak with confidence, you and your career coach will work together to practice the strategies that will help you succeed when you walk into the upcoming interview room.

Review your action plan

There's a reason you took notes in school; with so much new information flying around at once, it's understandable that some things may slip through the cracks. We don't want this to happen to you with the valuable training you gained through your coaching session. To ensure that you hold on to it all, your coach will send you a custom action plan after the fact. In it, you'll find relevant advice and a breakdown of the key points from your session, ready to call on when you need a refresher. This way, you always have a personalized roadmap to look back to.

Put your training into action

You've done the prep work and received the guidance — all that's left is for you to put your interview skills in action. And when you're armed with instruction from TopInterview, you'll be well-positioned for success. Just ask some of the job seekers we've already helped. When you finally walk into the interview room, simply take a deep breath and, as many movies will tell you, remember your training.

We understand the desire for simplicity. That's why we've designed our professional coaching process to be as simple as possible. With just a few days and expert training from one of our interview coaches, you'll be able to expel your nerves, improve your communication skills, and present yourself as the confident, articulate professional you want to show the world. From there, your next job offer is just a few conversations away.

Keep it simple. Click here to learn more about working with one of TopInterview's professional interview coaches.

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