Not sure if you have the interview skills to wow the hiring manager? Use an interview coaching service.

You have the resume, the outfit, the portfolio, and the ambition to find a new job, but do you have the interview skills it takes to nail the final hurdle and land your dream job? 

Do you know how to answer questions correctly, confidently, and without rambling? 

Are you comfortable in an interview setting?

If you can't answer a resounding “yes” to all of the above questions, or if any of the following situations are familiar, it might be time to hire a professional interview coach. Interview coaches are trained to help you build your confidence, practice answering the toughest interview questions, and guide you through each step of the interview process so you leave a lasting, positive impression. Do any of the following situations hit close to home? Keep reading to see if you need professional interview coaching services.

1. You don't get past the first interview

Do you get tons of calls for interviews, but never advance beyond the initial one? You might need a professional career coach to evaluate your interviewing skills and help you tighten up any lagging areas. Your resume is obviously doing its job if you are getting the first interview, but your interview performance needs assistance if you can't move beyond that. You may not be presenting yourself to your full potential.

2. You get to the final interview, but are not chosen

Instead of struggling to get past the first interview, you make it all the way to the end — but continue to be the runner-up in this job race. It's rough to get so close only to end up as the never-chosen candidate. A career coach can help you pinpoint why this is happening and instruct you on what changes to make so your next interview results in that well-deserved job offer.

3. You leave an interview feeling like it went poorly … a lot

Interviewing can be stressful, and even the most confident job seekers often feel a little unnerved. If you regularly leave interviews feeling like it was a total bust, however, it may be time to trust your gut feeling and ask for professional help with an interview coaching program. Even if the only polish you need is for your confidence, practice and preparation may give you that much-needed boost.

4. You've never formally interviewed

There could be a number of reasons you've never formally interviewed. Perhaps you're a recent college graduate or you've been offered jobs throughout your career without the need for formal interviews. Maybe you have been internally promoted based solely on performance. If any of these (or a similar reason) apply and you've never formally interviewed and now find the need to, you might discover that your interviewing skill set is a bit dusty. Formal interviews require more than simple small talk and a meet and greet. If the idea of explaining why you're worthy of a job offer makes you break out in a sweat or if you can't even predict what questions you might be facing, you need to hire an interview coach.

5. You have a language barrier

If English isn't your first language, you're new to the country, or you have a speech issue, interview coaching programs may be a great way for you to practice and determine how impactful this speech barrier is on your interviewing skills — and help you overcome it!

6. You have low self-esteem

If talking about yourself sounds as fun as a root canal or you have no idea how to highlight your strengths, interview coaching might be right for you. Confidence is such an important part of interviewing, and low self-esteem can affect the overall impression you make. A professional interview coach can help you learn to fake it until you feel it to help your interviews go smoothly.

7. You don't seem to know how to correctly answer questions

Do you find yourself stumbling over answers or not really answering what the interviewer asked? Do your interviewers have a confused — or worse, frustrated — look on their faces? Answering job interview questions with strong examples, a correct and complete answer to what was asked, and in an appropriate manner are vital steps for a great interview. If you don't think you do this correctly, it's worth a coaching session or two to find out.

8. You've received negative feedback from a recruiter

This is a given. If you've received negative feedback and are aware you have a problem interviewing, get professional help with an interview coaching service in strengthening this weak point. Ultimately, you're investing in your own future!

9. You aren't sure how to answer questions due to unique situations

Do you have a highly confidential job and can't talk specifics? Maybe you're in the military and are transitioning to a civilian job and aren't sure how to convey your responses so they make sense for the position. Perhaps you're looking for a career change and want to highlight your most appropriate transferable skills but aren't sure exactly how to do that. If you're in any kind of unusual situations like these and are feeling lost, an interview coach can definitely help!

Job seekers can hire an interview coach for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed above. If you have any concerns or worries regarding your interviewing skills, an interview coach can guide you on the right path and help even the strongest interviewers polish their skills!  

Think you need professional help? TopInterview's expert interview coaches can help you ace your next interview.   

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