You need to be confident during the job interview; here's how to get there.

You've practiced your “Tell me about yourself” answer, you've picked out the perfect outfit, you're well-rested and well-fed — and yet, despite all your preparation and hard work, you still don't feel confident. What you believe affects what you achieve, and going into an interview with a strong, powerful “I can do anything!” mindset is essential to setting yourself up for the greatest chance of success. 

Luckily, we've compiled a list of job interview tips to help you approach your interviews with confidence, positivity and strong-self belief.

Install an uplifting and motivational phone wallpaper

You will undoubtedly look at your phone a lot prior to your job interview to check (and double check!) the time, to refresh your mind as to who you should ask for when you arrive, and to get last minute reminders on any critical information you'll be quizzed on. 

You can turn the frequency with which you check your smartphone into a personal power-up by installing an uplifting and motivational smartphone wallpaper/background. Every glance at your device becomes an opportunity to remind yourself that you can — and will — without a doubt succeed.

Some of our favorite motivational wallpaper sites include:

Subliming.jpg on Instagram: Subliming is run by Tessa Forrest, a graphic designer by day and a motivational wallpaper designer by night. 

Move Nourish Believe: The fitness brand Lorna Jane releases a motivational wallpaper (almost) every month that not only will inspire you before an interview, but might get you to reconsider skipping that workout as well. 

Pinterest: There's a motivational image for everyone on Pinterest; the site overflows with inspirational imagery that includes almost every type of mantra and mood imaginable. We've linked one of our favorite boards to get you started.

Pump up with pep talks

A pep talk is a time-tested tradition for rallying the spirits, from sports games to the office and beyond. One study in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology even showed that an emotionally charged speech empowers athletes to be more effective on the playing field. We can use those learnings and apply them to the art of interviewing, too. 

Unfortunately, our loved ones, friends, parents, and/or interview coaches can't be with us every single moment of the day to offer encouragement. Yet, with the advent of YouTube and online videos, a motivational message is never more than a few clicks away. 

One of our favorites is by Kid President — it's been viewed over 44 million times, and for good reason. At less than five minutes long, it's short, sweet, and uplifting. We challenge you to make it through the whole thing without cracking a smile.

Make use of motivational mantras

If watching someone else give you a pep talk isn't your style, you can always talk to yourself. The practice might sound crazy (and it might even feel crazy at first), but positive self-talk has been shown to not only help decrease nervousness and increase confidence, but also leads to a plethora of health benefits, including better heart health and increased immune function. 

A key to successful use of positive self-talk motivators is to distance yourself from the compliments and kindness. According to the findings in this University of Michigan study, talking to yourself in the first person — using the word I, I am strong, I am powerful — causes more stress, while reciting your mantras in the third person will help you gain the most benefit: Anna is strong. Anna is powerful. Anna is going to crush this interview! By creating distance between yourself and the affirmation, it allows you to see yourself as you really are, free of the influence of negative self-perception. This strategy works for some of the most successful people in the world; in fact, the University of Michigan psychologists who conducted the study were inspired to do so when they noticed NBA superstar LeBron James using the same self-talk technique

If you find your imagination lacking with where to start on positive self-talk, these references provide fantastic jumping off points. Repeat these mantras in the days, hours, and even minutes leading up to your job interview — and just remember to swap the 'I' for your own name! 

13 Morning Mantras That Can Make You Feel More Attractive and Confident: These mantras and quotes help you embrace mindsets that encourage the formation of an attractive attitude. These mantras also help cultivate the exact energy you want to project as you head into an interview where you want to be viewed as competent and likable. 

5 Positive Affirmations To Help You Smash That Job Interview: Glassdoor has created a set of affirmations tailored specifically for job-interview situations, directly addressing the experience of being a candidate. 

Go forth and conquer your job interview! 

We know it's impossible — and also unwise — to be constantly happy-go-lucky 100 percent of the time. That acknowledged, it is imperative that you put your absolute best foot forward in a job-interview situation to impress the interviewer. That means approaching your big day bursting with self-confidence, a great personality, and pride in self, whatever techniques you use to get there. We just want you to succeed and get the job position of your dreams.

Still feeling like you need interview help, no matter how many times you meditate on self-love mantras? Our interview coaches are here to help

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