Excel when answering the “why do you want to work here?” interview question with our guide and sample answers below

While the “why do you want to work here?” interview question is certainly not an unusual question, it still requires a lot of forethought and preparation. It's one of the top questions that you're likely to be asked, so think carefully about how to go about answering this before arriving at your job interview. Of course, you want to make a positive impact when answering, so make sure you do your research so that you can wow the hiring manager at the interview. 

What the interviewer is keen to find out

When the interviewer or hiring manager asks “why do you want to work here?” there are a couple of questions they're trying to answer:

  1. Why do you want this job?

  2. Why do you want to work for us in particular?

They're also keen to find out your expectations of the company and its work ethic. An alternative way of stating “why do you want to work here?” during a job interview is “what is it about our company that attracts you?” - so keep an ear out for both variations.

While the question isn't specifically asking you what you know about the business, in order to give a top answer to “why do you want to work here?” it's wise to have done your homework thoroughly so that you can give a comprehensive answer.

So why do you want to work here?

When answering the classic job interview question, “why do you want to work here?”, keep in mind that your answer should relate to the company itself and its values. Be sneaky though. Weave your key skills into the answer, so that the interviewer receives a double whammy - a solid answer to the question, plus the bonus of understanding how your attributes will contribute to the company moving forward.

Here are 12 “why do you want this job?” example answers, plus a few top tips sprinkled in for good measure!

1. Teamwork is vitally important in every walk of life, and I've seen how your organization encompasses and embraces that. It was great to watch that fly-on-the-wall video of your production team on the company website, as I could immediately see how well the team gelled and pulled together. Plus, the banter between them was amusing. This is perfect for me as I flourish in team situations and when bouncing ideas off colleagues.

Top Tip: Try not to fall into the trap of focusing on yourself at this point. By all means, relate the company's standards to how you partake in teamwork and collaboration, but stick to the point at all times.

2. Your company values of accountability, continuous improvement, and customer commitment really stand out to me. A business is nothing without its customers, so making sure they're happy not only benefits them but also the bottom line. With over 10 years of customer satisfaction experience, I believe my skill set in that area will be of true value to you.

Top Tip: Look out for the signs of a toxic workplace before accepting the job. Even if the website is all bells and whistles, with elaborate content on values, beliefs, and ethics, it's what's beneath the surface that counts.

3. I have to admit that I'm obsessed with Twitter and Instagram, so your involvement and ground-breaking attitude to social media platforms had me hooked as soon as I saw this opening. I follow the company on social media and can see the innovative ways it's used. I just want to be part of that.

Top Tip: Don't put down the company's social media content or sites during the interview, unless you're 100% confident that you can improve them or the position relates to doing just that.

4. Being quite a nerdy, techy type of person, the newest technology on the block is always going to pique my interest. Your stance on inviting that in and giving it a go is laudable, and something I truly agree with. I'm not afraid to give something new a try and it seems like your company has the same approach.

Top Tip: Try not to confuse the hiring manager with intricately technical lingo. They might be interviewing you, but they might not be au fait with the intricate details of the role, so you don't want to embarrass them by talking in a language that they don't understand. It'll make them feel ignorant, and that's not a good start to an interview.

5. Part of the reason that I applied for this posting is because of the great accolades I've heard from staff who work here. The construction industry is very connected and, having gained experience in it over the past eight years, I've got to know a lot of staff from other companies and subcontractors. Word gets around about the best companies to work for, and your organization pops up time and time again, so when this opportunity arose for a role I was interested in, I leapt at it.

Top Tip: If you don't know anyone at the company, check out any employee reviews you can find, or link with/follow some current members of staff via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

6. I remember seeing a piece in the local paper about your outreach work within the local community and how your firm reaches out to those in need. This struck a chord with me, as volunteering and helping out wherever I can is really important to my sense of well-being.

Top Tip: You'll need to back this up with examples of when you've volunteered, so be ready and armed with an answer to the inevitable question that will follow from the interview panel.

7. I've been a lifelong fan of the products/services the company provides, due to their quality and the value they add to my life. So when this opportunity arose to potentially be part of that, I didn't hesitate.

Top Tip: Don't be tempted to lie and pretend you've used their product or services when you haven't. You're sure to be found out if more detailed questions are fired your way and you find yourself stumbling or humming and hawing in the interview about what to say next. Remember, communication isn't just words, your body language reveals a lot about you too, so don't do it.

8. I strive for a work-life balance, something that's so much more accessible and doable in this day and age. So when I saw your flexi-time and modern attitude towards leave, I was bowled over. It's so ground-breaking and brave to address this head on. I can see how working for a family-oriented company such as yours will have so many benefits.

Top Tip: Make sure that you steer clear of highlighting all the time you're hoping to have off if your child is ill or you become pregnant. This would be a real red flag to anyone interviewing you, as they'd see you as work-shy with no commitment.

9. I've had a long-standing ambition to work here, having known about your business for quite a few years now. I've watched the company grow and have always had a secret yearning to be a part of it.

Top Tip: Be specific about what you love about the company - why you want to be a part of it and how your skills can add value.

10. With such an excellent reputation as yours, who wouldn't want to work here? Your brand is strong and your customer reviews all seem to be 5*, so it's a no brainer really.

Top Tip: This answer could come across as rather sycophantic, but if you've built up a quick and easy rapport with the manager, you might just pull it off!

11. A company's culture, how it presents itself and treats its staff, is very important to me. I've noticed on your website that CPD is a strong element here, while rewarding hard work seems to be high on the agenda as well. I reckon I'd be a great fit due to my similar outlook on productivity and meeting deadlines, while also having some fun thrown into the mix.

Top Tip: Take a look at the “About Us” page on the company website for details on what the company stands for, then you'll be armed and ready while showing off your detailed research.

12. I have to be honest here and reveal that I didn't know much about your business before applying for this role. But having carried out some detailed research, I'm really impressed with your expansion into the European market. With my language skills and product know-how, I feel that I'm at the right stage in my career to bring value to your business.

Top Tip: Back up any statements made with research to show your depth of interest and what you find intriguing about the business.

Final Thoughts

As in most things, and especially with regards to interviews, preparation is the key to success. Customize your answer to the “why do you want to work here?” question by using the sample answers above. Apply your own experience and adapt the sample answer that's the best fit for you. Good luck!

If you're still unsure that your replies will make the grade or give the right impression, contact the professional interview coaches at TopInterview to ensure interview success.

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