Sometimes we need a little help making our dreams come true.

Imagine this: You've been deep in the job search, applying to all the companies on your wish list and networking yourself to the bone, when you receive an email from the hiring manager at your dream job. They want to interview you — success! All your hard work getting your resume into tip-top shape, creating an impressive cover letter, and ensuring your applications were spotless has paid off — but a sense of anxiety starts to creep in. It's your dream job on the line; it's where you've wanted to be your whole career. What if you commit an atrocious interview mistake in front of the very people you want to impress the most?

First, take a deep breath. If they asked you to interview, that means they see your potential. You just need to go in and confirm (and exceed) their expectations. This is your dream job after all — you don't want to do just OK. The solution? Hire an interview coach.

How an interview coach can help you with your dream job interview

Yes, hiring someone to help you prepare for the interview might seem excessive, but wouldn't you do anything to land your dream job? If the answer is yes, then an interview coach can help. From the preparation phase to day-of tips, a coach knows what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for from you. Here's how working with an interview coach gives you that edge you need to land your dream job:

1. Interview coaches make you think — and offer some guidance along the way

Whether you start with a coaching session or go straight into the mock interview, your interview coach will have you think about your goals, your achievements, your body language, how you want to showcase yourself, how to best prepare your answers, and much more. On top of this, they will be by your side to help you focus on what matters most and will actually help you achieve your goals, as well as hold you accountable and motivate you to stay on track.

2. Interview coaches give you personalized feedback

Throughout the coaching process, your interview coach will give you feedback on every aspect of your interview. And no, it won't be generic advice you could find with a simple Google search. Instead, their feedback is based on the dialogue between the two of you and your performance during a mock interview. Is something off about your body language? Your coach will tell you and suggest ways to fix it. Using language that isn't highlighting your best self? They can help improve how you speak, including how to talk about your accomplishments during an interview Have better examples you can use in your answers? They will help you identify what they are and incorporate them seamlessly in your answers. Interview coaches are there to help you — not throw out random facts about interviewing and leave you to scramble to make sense of it all.

3. Interview coaches are knowledgeable about all things interview

From inside tips to understanding what makes you successful in different types of interviews (i.e stress interviews, behavioral interviews, or unstructured interviews), an interview coach won't lead you astray. Instead, they can give you interview advice that is sure to work. Just like you wouldn't try to fix your car's engine without the help of a mechanic, tapping into the expertise of a professional interview coach is key to acing the interview and landing that dream job.

4. Interview coaches pump you up

Lastly, just like a trainer at the gym, your interview coach is there to pump you up. From pushing you through exercises to teaching you the techniques that will ensure that you're giving your best, they want to set you up for success in all aspects of the interview. This includes getting over your interview nerves and going into the day with a confidence that will help you shine like the star you are.

When it comes to your dream job, you want to put your best foot forward — and sometimes we all need a little help doing just that. So before you decide to take it all on by yourself, consider hiring a professional to give you that extra push.

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